Is a career in construction the right fit for you?

Construction professionals

Construction offers many different types of jobs in a variety of settings. So how do you know if a career in construction might be the right fit for you? If you answer "yes" to any or all of the following questions - construction might just be a great opportunity for you to explore!

Do you like to experience the results of your labor in a solid, real world way? 

When you work in construction you literally get to see and feel the results of your work. Construction takes raw materials like wood, concrete, glass  - and creates a place where a family will build memories, where thousands of commuters will drive every day, where megawatts of power are generated - and many other real world places and spaces. 

Does the idea of working in the same office every day bore you?

When you work in construction, you can work outside or at a variety of construction sites - it's not the same old office day in and day out. 

Do you want a wide variety of career options you can explore after you learn some core skills?

Sure there's home and business building construction, which offer a huge range of opportunities themselves. There's also clean energy construction - from installing solar panels to working high in the air on wind turbines. And there's road and bridge construction that has you outdoors most of your work day. Plus more!

Do you want a career that provides you stability for the long term?

Construction skills are always in demand. For example, when the demand for people to work on new home construction declines, there is typically demand in another part of the industry - from home renovation, to solar panel installation to community improvement projects.