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Resources for employers

Disability Inclusion Bite-Sized Learning Modules for Employers are here to support you in making your organization more welcoming for employees with disabilities. Disabilities affect 10% of Americans of working age. Welcoming people with disabilities in a workplace is important in building a diverse workforce and ensuring you are engaging all the talent you need to succeed. The intent of these modules is to provide education that is quick and relatable. In addition, take away cards for each module are provided to continue the conversation in your workplace.

  • Each module’s video is about 20 minutes
  • Please download the PowerPoint file and takeaway card that are posted along with the video for each module
  • Make sure to utilize resources linked in the PowerPoint file and takeaway card
  • Modules can be used virtually or in person at a team meeting

After completing these modules, your workgroup will have a better understanding of disability inclusion and the groundwork for building an inclusive work environment. This will help you successfully hire, onboard, and retain employees with disabilities.

Please fill out the evaluation to provide us feedback on these modules and receive a downloadable Disability Inclusion (DI) Champion badge and virtual background.

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