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Crowds of people at Veterans & Community Job Fair held 9-27-23 at CareerForce Minneapolis North

Employers have good things to say about how CareerForce helps them find the promising employment candidates they need. CareerForce helps make these employment connections by hosting job fairs and other hiring events, encouraging job seekers who receive 1:1 services to apply at local employers and other ways. Hiring events are a great opportunity for employers to get in front of many job seekers – and for job seekers to explore several opportunities in one place.

Here’s what CareerForce heard from two employers who participated at a job fair yesterday at CareerForce Minneapolis North:

“CareerForce allows us to show up and create a bond with community members to know we will be present in actively promoting our job opportunities,” said Estrella Nataly, Metropolitan Council HR Outreach Intern. “Job fairs at the CareerForce center bring value to our organization because they connect us with people we wouldn’t have otherwise had the chance to contact or meet with. It allows residents to meet with Council representatives and learn more about our current postings and network for future employment.” 

“As a recruiter, I really enjoy coming to the North and South Minneapolis CareerForce locations. It’s a great way to network, in addition to sharing our job opportunities with job seekers,” said Ellen Behrhorst, MnDOT Recruitment Specialist. “Kudos to our local CareerForce centers that offer support to our communities and employers!”  

Here’s a positive report from another employer who participated in a CareerForce Minneapolis North job fair last December:

“It went so well. We had an amazing turnout. I believe at least 35 hires from the event,” said Jeremy Warmels a representative from Flagship, a company that hires people to provide janitorial, maintenance and other facilities services.

Here’s what another happy employer representative shared after a job fair at CareerForce Minneapolis North last September:

“Our hope is to increase awareness for the opportunities that we have opening at North (Memorial Health) and to offer any help/advice for success when applying for a new role. I believe we were successful in doing so,” said Audreyanna Garrett, Talent Strategist for North Memorial Health, who participated in a job fair on September 27,2023 as well as other hiring events at CareerForce Minneapolis North. “As always this was a great event, I had a wonderful time connecting with community members and providing any additional information and insight I have to support career aspirations and goals.”