Jarly gets training he needs to reach his employment goals

photo of Jarly

"My new job it’s AMAZING!! I love it, they are so nice and the job itself is awesome!” Jarly wrote staff at CareerForce partner South Central Workforce Council. “I honestly appreciate everything you did for me, I have made it really far. I wouldn’t have never made it without your help and the help of others. Thank you so much!!!”

Jarly had set a goal for himself of becoming a gas tungsten arc welder after graduating high school.

He landed a great job as a welder in March, just as the pandemic’s effects were starting to reach Minnesota.

Jarly’s determination helped him achieve his goals. He traveled across Central America and Mexico before arriving in the US searching for his family. After surviving that journey and reuniting with his family he finished high school in Minnesota before entering the Pathways to Prosperity Manufacturing program, taking classes at South Central College to earn his welding certificate.

“It was hard, but I liked learning it and enjoyed the struggle and achievement,” said Jarly about the Pathways program, noting he has already recommended the program to a friend who needs help preparing for an in-demand career. His advice:  “It is not going to be easy, you will struggle a little bit, but practice…it gets better.”

At the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED), one of our key goals is making sure Minnesotans know there are available jobs for Minnesotans. Getting a job in demand, and setting out on a sustainable career path for the future, may mean changing careers or refreshing skills.

Through CareerForce partners like South Central Workforce Council, we're helping people identify skills they already have that can transfer from one career to another. And with our partners, such as South Central Workforce Council, we're ready to assist Minnesotans, like Jarly, who may need additional training or education to prepare for an in-demand career.

If you were laid off during the pandemic and need help preparing for an in-demand career, you may be eligible for counselor-approved education or training through Dislocated Worker services.

Another option for eligible adults is Pathways to Prosperity, which helped Jarly. Pathways to Prosperity provides workforce development and training opportunities to eligible Minnesotans and helps place them in high-growth, high-demand industries with long-term employment opportunities.

Some employers hiring now offer on-the-job training. Search "on the job training" when looking at current job postings on CareerForceMN.com to find options.

DEED and our workforce development partners want to ensure Minnesotans who need help getting prepared for in-demand jobs get the help they need. Contact staff at a CareerForce location near you to find out more and get on the road to rewarding work.