Manufacturing Industry Spotlight

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The manufacturing industry is a critically important part of Minnesota’s diverse economy, contributing $57.2 billion (12%) to the state’s economy in 2023 - and making a wide range of products to improve the lives of people around the world - from medical devices to food to recreational vehicles and everything in between. Manufacturing workers took home $25.7 billion in wages from Minnesota manufacturing jobs last year, making an average annual wage of just under $79,000, which is 10% higher than the state’s overall average private sector wage. There is a big demand for people to work in manufacturing positions in Minnesota, now and into the future - making it a strong career path choice. In fact, Minnesota is expected to see more than 75,000 job openings for manufacturing production positions alone through 2030.

October is Manufacturing Month in Minnesota

  • Governor's proclamation, updated regional labor market conditions, events and more will be posted here soon!


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