graphic with puzzle pieces image that says The Future of Attracting and Hiring Workforce and DEED, a Leading CareerForce partner

A blog series to help Minnesota employers succeed in our tight labor market

Finding the right talent to help your business grow and thrive is a real challenge now. The COVID-19 pandemic changed Minnesota’s labor market in unprecedented ways. From the largest and fastest job loss in state history to the steepest and swiftest employment recovery Minnesota has ever witnessed, the labor market has been shaken up like never before. Now, there are tens of thousands of jobs available across the state and employers are scrambling to find workers to fill them. There are multiple factors at play in creating the current tight labor market conditions – from early retirements to child care challenges, from mismatches between unemployed people and available jobs to concerns about contracting COVID-19. And we were facing a tight labor market even before the pandemic upended all of our lives.

DEED's Workforce Strategy Consultant team is engaging with employers throughout the state, hearing the challenges employers are facing, helping to find workforce solutions – and sharing what works now. The goal of The Future of Attracting and Retaining Workforce blog series is to share information to help businesses overcome workforce obstacles and find success.

Here's an overview of the blog series with links for blogs that have been posted so far: