The team makes regular improvements to the site to improve the customer experience. We document these changes in the release notes below, and we share more detailed demonstrations of updates at the regular product updates/sprint demos.

Sprint 110: 5/28/2024-6/11/2024

Summary: Now that the name split has been implemented, we have added a workflow allowing users to make sure their account information is displaying correctly. We corrected multiple bugs that were affecting the account verification, password reset, and content management processes. We removed unnecessary tags on Event cards and Program/Service cards sitewide, and we continued to take steps to improve site speed and performance.

End user changes:

  1. MNDEED-7420: Prompt users to verify their profile information during next login

    To ensure that user account information is displaying correctly following the sitewide name split, we created a workflow that will prompt users to verify their profile information on their next login and confirm that it is correct.

  2. MNDEED-7565: Main Nav menu does not display correctly for user accounts during verification process

    To ensure that users can smoothly navigate the account verification process, we fixed a bug that was causing the site's Main Navigation menu to display incorrectly.

  3. MNDEED-7415: Remove taxonomy tags on Event cards & Program/Service cards

    To improve the user experience of navigating Event and Program/Service search results by reducing visual clutter, we removed taxonomy tags ("Start Your Career," "Change Your Career," "Attract Talent," etc.) from Event and Program/Service cards.

  4. MNDEED-7544: Improve site performance - Remove unnecessary requests

    To continue to improve the experience of users, we removed redundant back-end requests in order to improve site performance and speed.

Administrative changes:

  1. MNDEED-7456: Remove existing "First and Last Name" field in Views

    To ensure that the implementation of the name split is reflected sitewide, we updated admin-facing Views to remove the previous "First and Last Name" fields and filters and, where applicable, replace them with a combined filter that includes the separate "First Name" and "Last Name" fields.

  2. MNDEED-7421: Content pasted from Microsoft apps not formatting correctly in CKEditor

    To ensure that content managers can efficiently update site content, we fixed a bug that was causing formatting issues on content that was pasted from Microsoft applications.

  3. MNDEED-7466: Image links not appearing

    To ensure that content managers can efficiently update site content, we fixed a bug that was preventing image links from functioning correctly.

  4. MNDEED-7561: Drupal menu does not display correctly on Reset Password screen for admin-level accounts

    To maintain an efficient login process for admin-level users, we fixed a bug that was causing the Drupal menu to display incorrectly during the password reset process.