Local Workforce Development Area Boards play a critical role in developing and implementing workforce development efforts in Minnesota. 

Map of Minnesota Regional and Local Workforce Development Areas.

Minnesota is organized into 16 Workforce Development Areas (WDAs). As mandated under federal law, the governance, delivery infrastructure, and financial responsibilities of the WDAs are organized at the direction of local elected officials, with workforce boards serving as the focal point for leadership and accountability.

Workforce Development Boards provide local input and direction for meeting workforce development goals as outlined in state and federal statute. Local board members act as leaders in their communities to both make connections among multiple stakeholders and leverage resources to bolster the overall effectiveness of the system.

Workforce Development Board members are appointed by local elected officials. These local boards include individuals representing community business leaders, labor unions, educational institutions, economic development agencies, and other community based organizations. The chair of the board and a majority of the members are representatives of the private sector, involved in local area businesses.

Minnesota's Local Workforce Development Boards: