You’ve worked hard to give your child a great start in life—and now you want to see them anticipate a great future. One way you can help is to get involved in their career planning process. Tell your child’s counselor:

  • How you like to communicate: by email, phone or in person
  • How often you want to communicate

Feel free to ask us any questions so you’re clear about your role in the process.

Ways to prepare your child for employment

Employers seek employees who are responsible and have strong interpersonal communication skills. Move your child toward future success by encouraging him or her to:

  • Maintain a clean and neat personal appearance
  • Communicate clearly
  • Show personal responsibility, including being on time
  • Take work direction
  • Have enthusiasm and a good attitude

Reach out for help

Tap into your own networks for:

  • Work experience opportunities
  • Information about open positions
  • Transportation assistance or other support

Here are some resources you may find helpful: