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Smooth the hiring process for everyone

Whether you’ve hired many people or just a few, having a hiring checklist can smooth and speed up the process—and ensure that steps are not overlooked.

Assess the position

  • Determine whether you need to replace an existing position, revamp it or create an entirely new job.
  • Meet with people in your organization to discuss responsibilities and qualifications for the position.
  • Create a list of “required” and “preferred” qualifications. Clarify what experience and characteristics an ideal candidate would have.
  • Write a Job Description which includes all the essential job responsibilities.
  • Figure out a Benefits and Compensation for the position. Use our Labor Market Information to come up with a realistic wage for your locale.

Spread the word

  • Post the job internally and on your company website.
  • Notify staff that they’re welcome to apply.
  • Ask employees to tell their friends, associates and contacts about the position and to recommend qualified candidates.
  • Post it on professional- and industry association-related job posting boards.
  • You can Post a Job on the state’s largest no-fee online job bank.
  • Use online social media—Facebook and LinkedIn—to post the position. Consider job sites such as Indeed, Monster and Glassdoor, which have various free and paid options for employers.
  • Talk with university career offices and post the position with them.

Screen candidates

  • Set up a process for collecting resumes from various sources.
  • Acknowledge receipt of all resumes.
  • Attend Career Fairs and hiring events to meet prospective candidates.
  • Filter and rank resumes based on job requirements and preferred qualifications.
  • Develop questions for an initial pre-interview phone screening.
  • Call candidates who appear to best meet the requirements.

Interview top applicants

  • Develop a list of questions based on the job description.
  • Include behavioral and open-ended questions.
  • Call the top candidates and set up interview appointments.
  • Come to the interview with information about your organization, its needs and values.
  • Schedule additional rounds of interviews with whoever needs to be there.
  • In group interviews, try to have a diverse panel of interviewers.
  • Use a rating scale to help compare impressions and rank candidates.
  • Tell candidates your timeline and hiring process so they know what to expect.

Extend an offer

  • Discuss and determine whether any of the candidates meet the organization’s needs or whether you need to interview additional applicants or conduct a new search.
  • Talk with your top candidate to gauge that person’s interest and salary expectations.
  • If you can reach an agreement, make a job offer contingent on reference/background checks.
  • Prepare a letter offering the position and the terms.
  • Ask the candidate to formally accept the job by signing the offer.
  • Agree on a start date.
  • As a courtesy and an indicator of your organization’s values, let the other job applicants know the position has been filled.

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